Senior Airman McGirt Receives Award And Medal

Senior Airman Joshua McGirt, a native of Dillon, S.C., the son of Sherri and Roy Purnell, recently received an award and a medal for demonstrating Superb Technical Expertise. Senior Airman McGirt utilized computer numerical control and watered skill sets to manufacture 12 F-35B Storl Uplock Torque Testers.
His actions over led two years of contracted production downtime and saved the 3rd Marine Aviation Wing $50,000 in procurement cost.

His expertise was show cased in implementing concept short fall changes to Uplock Torque tester grub screws and expedited delivery date by one week.
Senior Airman McGirt’s exceptional professionalism, unrelenting perseverance, and loyal devotion to duty reflected credit upon him and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service. Senior Airman McGirt and his wife, Senior Airman Ta’Kia Clark McGirt, are both members of the United States Air Force.