God Wins!

By Pastor James W. Bryant
Dillon Congregational

I believe the 2020 Presidential election will be a bigger landslide for President Trump than was even President Reagan’s defeat of Walter Mondale.
The authority of recent years has been making every effort to remove God from our society and replace God’s way with man’s way. We know this will not work.
In 2016, all of the Liberal Progressives effort to replace good for evil that had been growing and without much challenge, suddenly began to experience stall.
In 2016, God fearing and God honoring American Conservative Christians looked up to God and repented, and cried out for his help, and then got out and voted in the November Presidential Election.
Having heard our cry, God raised up a man to help put our Country back in order, godly order, and began to heal our nation’s finances, began to strengthen our nation’s security both locally and nationally, and so very much more good we have seen being done.
God promises Special Mercy to those whom love him, those whom desire his will to be done, those that seek his holy will. In 2016, because of our repentance and plea, we got a reprieve from God Almighty.
Today, living in 2019, we have certainly witnessed the beginning of the turn back in the right direction. We are witnessing this very moment, the return to morality, and leadership authority whom sees our National need through a biblical view. We are seeing in our nation, the beginning of a fresh start.
As the Liberal Progressive Socialist continue now to escalate their effort even the more against God’s word, God’s law, it’s obvious for many, they have simply seared their conscience and are now only tightening further that thing which is actually binding them, their sins.
Considering examples of desperate people of the past, I believe there will be an even stronger effort to, as one recent political leader in authority has said, “Fundamentally Change America.”
Sadly, I believe that heathens will continue to rage. Sadly, I believe they will continue to wax worse.
The Bible says, choose you this day whom you will serve. For me, I side with God, how about you?
Man may be wanting to change the world for it to suit his sinful ways and his evil heart, but let him check his history, it never works out.
Remember, it’s God’s world, and God always wins, always.

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