PHOTO GALLERY: Junior Charity League Of Dillon Shamrock Run/Walk Held

The Junior Charity League Of Dillon held a Saint Patrick’s Day Shamrock Run/Walk on Saturday morning. Here are some photos:

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The First Annual St. Patrick’s Shamrock 5K hosted by Junior Charity League of Dillon was a success. About 40 runners for our first year. This is their Spring Fundraiser to raise funds along with our Fall fundraiser of the Fall Festival to clothe children in Dillon County and provide yearly scholarships.
The winners are as follows:
First Place – Jess Easterling
Second Place – Walker Barkley
Third Place – Jon Rourke

Division 10-14
First Place – Walker Barkley
Second Place – Katie Collins

Division 15-19
First Place – John Rourke

Division 20-30
First Place – Ashleigh Baxley
Second Place – Christie Roberts

Division 30-40 MALE
First Place – Jess Easterling
Second Place – Brent Hardy

Division 30-40 FEMALE
First Place – Ali Huggins
Second Place – Jennifer Easterling

Division 40-50 MALE
First Place – Tally McColl
Second Place – Cory Wilson

Division 40-50 FEMALE
First Place – Kendra Leslie
Second Place – Sonya Byars

Division 50-60
First Place – Alan Byars

Division 60 and Up
First Place – Nancy Sanders
Second Place – Jackie Rowland