Allen Signs With FMU

Thomas Franklin Allen signed with Francis Marion University on Thursday, February 28, at 9:00 a.m. at the Ellis Performing Arts Center in Latta to further his pursuit of Track and Cross Country and his education in sports management.

Latta High School Principal Leigh Sloan welcomed everyone to this special signing for Thomas Franklin Allen.
Sloan remarked, “Thomas always runs even to and from school. He is really dedicated to his sport. He not only challenges himself in his sport but he also challenges himself in the classroom.”
Allen was accompanied by family, friends, school officials, and coach, and Athletic Director/Assistant Principal Aaron Miles.
Allen expressed his sincere thanks to his father, mother, family, coaches, teachers, classmates, teammates, and competitors. Allen holds many regional titles in every event he participated.

“My dream is a reality thanks to everyone” exclaimed Allen. “We live in the the greatest nation on earth”, remarked Allen.
Allen thanked Jesus for making everything possible for Allen’s faith and convictions.
Having devoted 4 seasons of Track and 3 season of Cross Country at Latta High School, Allen looks forward to pursuing his love of the sport at the next level. While at Latta, Allen was a middle-distance and long-distance runner, the same as he will be at Francis Marion University. “Francis Marion University just feels right for me,” stated Allen. I love the atmosphere there. “My desire is to be the best I can be at what I do. Not only do I love running, it is also my hobby,” said Allen.
I will always recall many people referring to me simply as “Green Socks” because of my bright-green racing socks.
While at Latta High School, Allen garnered many awards including Cross County and Track MVP of Latta, Region VII AA Champion of 3200 meters, 1600 meters, 4×400 meters, and Cross Country.
Allen’s parents, Steven H. and Gretchen S. Allen, are very proud of their son and his accomplishments both on and off the track. Mrs. Allen remarked “I am excited, proud and especially glad that my son is following the distance-running legacy set by his Grandmother”.