Government News Briefs

Miller Appointed To
Grievance Committee
At the January meeting of the Dillon County Council, Councilman Jack Scott appointed Lisa Miller to the Dillon County Grievance Committee. The council voted to approve the appointment.

Community Development And Outreach To Be One Focus Of County Administrator
Dillon County Administrator Tony Clyburn said at a recent meeting that the county will be getting involved in more community development and outreach.
He said he hoped the county’s involvement would help inspire citizens and private groups to become more involved.
Some of the projects that he is looking at include seminars to help students pay for college. Meetings will be held in Dillon, Latta, and Lake View; a neighborhood cleanup starting in Newtown with the help of the fraternities and the sororities; and other projects. He is hoping council members and employees will take part. Clyburn wants to get the people who live here involved and excited in making Dillon County a better place for everyone.

Bid Approved To
Demolish Property
The Dillon City Council approved a bid to demolish the property at 112 East Hampton Street, Dillon. The bid from Wofford Demolition & Renovation Specialist of Florence was accepted. The bid amount is $39,360.

New City Animal Control
Officer Hired
Mayor Todd Davis said at the January meeting of the Dillon City Council that a new animal control officer has been hired. The new officer is Danny Hayes.

Pickle Ball Being
Played At Wellness Center
Mayor Todd Davis said at the January meeting of the Dillon City Council that pickle ball is being played at the Wellness Center. He said it is something that many senior citizens play. There is no dedicated pickle ball court, but an informal group uses half the basketball court to play. They have been playing for about two years.

County Approves Accommodations
Tax Requests
The following Dillon County Accommodations Tax Requests will receive funding: LAKE VIEW-Christmas on the Blvd., $6,000.00; DILLON-The Criterion Club, $5,000.00; Smithsonian’s Traveling Exhibit, $3,500.00; The Dillon County Theatre-$7,000.00; A Christmas Carol (Scrooge)-$3,000.00; Celebrate On Main-$6,000.00; Battle of The Bands-$5,000.00; Taste of Dillon-$6,000.00; Dillon County Farmers Market-$6,444.00; Tail/Gate Taste-$1,750.00; LATTA-Latta Springfest on Main-$6,000.00; Carolina Art Guild-$1,000.00; Dillon County Historical Society- $6,000.00.
There were 16 total requests. Fifteen requests were funded. The Dillon County Council approved these requests at the November 28, 2018, meeting.

Mayor Wants To Look Into Modernizing
Harmon Park
Mayor Todd Davis said at the January meeting of the Dillon City council that he would like to look at modernizing Harmon Park. He said horseshoes would be a great thing to add. He would like to use some two-percent money to put a volleyball court where the old tennis courts are. He said there is a great deal of space at the park that is not being utilized.

County Council Committee Assignments Made
Dillon County Council Chairman Stevie Grice has made the Dillon County Council committee assignments for 2019. They are as follows:
*ADMINISTRATION – (Finance/Grants/Purchasing/Economic Development/Voter Registration/Clerk of Court/Probate Judge/Auditor/Treasurer). – Stevie Grice (Chairman), Harold Moody, and T.F. “Buzzy” Finklea.
*PUBLIC WORKS – (Solid Waste/Roads) – Harold Moody (Chairman), Stevie Grice, and James Campbell. *PLANNING – (Zoning/Code Enforcement).– James Campbell (Chairman), Jack Scott, and Archie Scott. *BUILDING (Courthouse/Library/Gibson Bldg./Detention Center/All Building/Airport). – Gerome McLeod (Chariman), T.F. “Buzzy” Finklea, and Archie Scott.
*PUBLIC SAFETY – (Fire/Sheriff/Civil Defense/Detention Center/Magistrates/EMS/911/Animal Control/Public Defender/Coronor). – T.F. “Buzzy” Finklea (Chairman), Gerome McLoed, and Harold Moody.
*RECREATION – Stevie Grice (Chairman), Gerome McLeod, and Jack Scott.