House Report: Several Bills Taken Up

By Rep. Jackie Hayes
Several bills were taken up by the House and approved H.3630, a resolution that provides a three-month EXTENSION IN REAL PROPERTY TAX PENALTIES FOR WORKERS LEFT UNPAID DURING THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN. For property taxes due on January 15, 2019, this legislation provides a three-month delay in the penalty schedule for unpaid property taxes and assessments that applies to real property owners who are federal government employees who did not receive their salaries on the normal schedule during the shutdown that began on December 22, 2018.
So happy to report The House approved S.168 A resolution charges the State Department of Education with developing recommendations for REDUCING AND STREAMLINING THE AMOUNT OF PAPERWORK AND REPORTING REQUIRED OF TEACHERS, SCHOOLS, AND SCHOOL DISTRICTS. The department is to report its recommendations to the Chairman of the Senate Education Committee and the Chairman of the House Education and Public Works Committee by August 1, 2019.
H.3398, a bill permanently authorizing the “TUCKER HIPPS TRANSPARENCY ACT” by repealing the three-year sunset provision that calls for the legislation to expire on June 29, 2019. Named in memory of the Clemson University student who died during a fraternity activity in September of 2014, the legislation was enacted in 2016 to require the state’s public institutions of higher education, excluding technical colleges, to maintain reports detailing student misconduct investigations related to fraternity and sorority organizations formally affiliated with the institution that include violations of a Student Code of Conduct for offenses involving alcohol, drugs, sexual assault, physical assault, and hazing.
H.3929, a joint resolution making provisions for TEMPORARY ENHANCED AUTHORITY TO FORGIVE MISSED SCHOOLS DAYS in light of the flooding experienced by areas of the state in recent months. The legislation provides that, during the 20182019 School Year, the State Board of Education may waive the requirements of making up days beyond the three days forgiven by the local school district for any days missed during the 20182019 School Year because of snow, extreme weather conditions, or other disruptions requiring schools to close. Such a waiver only may be considered and granted upon the request of the local board of trustees through a majority vote of that local school board.
Other bills sent to the Senate H.3639, a bill relating to the IN-STATE TUITION AND FEES at the state’s public colleges and universities.
The House amended, approved, and sent the Senate H.3845. This joint resolution authorizes the transfer of certain Education Improvement Act carry-forward funds to the South Carolina Public Charter School District to provide FUNDS FOR THREE AND FOUR-YEAR-OLD CHILDREN WITH A DISABILITY who are eligible for services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
The House approved and sent the Senate H.3131, a bill allowing an anonymous MEDICAL HISTORY OF AN ADOPTED CHILD’S BIOLOGICAL PARENTS to be submitted, maintained, and disclosed. The legislation establishes a procedure that allows someone who is placing a child up for adoption to provide a medical history of the adoptee’s biological parents in a form that does not disclose personally identifiable information.
The House approved and sent the Senate H.3072, a bill clarifying that those who previously participated in an alcohol education program are not prevented from subsequent PARTICIPATION IN A PRETRIAL INTERVENTION PROGRAM.
The House approved and sent the Senate H.3127, a joint resolution establishing a temporary MOLD ABATEMENT AND REMEDIATION STUDY COMMITTEE to examine the health effects of mold in South Carolina’s public buildings, with a focus on children in public schools, and to ascertain the best methods for mold abatement and the prevention of future growth.
I co-sponsored several of these bills. If you would like any additional information on these bills, or any other legislation under consideration by the General Assembly, feel free to visit our website at If you have a comment or opinion concerning the issues discussed in this report, or if I may be of assistance to you at any time, please feel free to call your legislative office in Columbia (803-734-3099); Bus. (843-841-3679).
Thank you for the opportunity to serve you in the House of Representatives.

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