DCHI Giving Away Free Vegetable Seeds And Plants

DILLON, February 2019 — The Dillon County Health Initiative (DCHI), a division of Rural Area Leadership Initiative – Dillon County (RALI-DC), is proactively addressing the health issues in Dillon County head on through interactive community programs, including providing free vegetable seeds and plants. This spring, Dillon County community members may apply for a variety of vegetable plants and seeds with the intent of increasing both more outdoor family time and healthier eating habits. DCHI will provide individuals, school gardens, and community gardens with seeds and plants to produce fresh vegetables. These plants and seeds will be available on first come, first served basis beginning this spring at the Clemson Extension office. Soil fertility, insect control, and disease control support for program participants will be provided by the Clemson Extension Service.
An application, including a soil test current within the past three years is required. The Application form can be picked up at the Extension Office or you can request that one be mailed to you. The application is also available online at http://bit.ly/ GardenerAppSP19.
Program participants who have not had a soil test in three years, can get one through the program free of charge. Additional tests are available through the Clemson Extension Service. RALI-DC has been active in helping the local community for the past ten years and hopes to increase health consciousness with this on-going project. DCHI will again be sponsoring a Pop-Up Farmers Market on the second Monday of each month May through October from 4-7 p.m. on the South Plaza in downtown Dillon. To get additional information about free vegetable seeds and plants, information regarding community gardens, school gardens, and the Pop-Up Farmers Market, please contact: Pat Laird 843-845-2875, [email protected] gmail.com, or Clemson Extension Service 843-774-8218.

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