Amaryllis Are A Favorite Living Holiday Decoration

Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) are a favorite living holiday decoration that are easy to bloom indoors. Amaryllis bulbs produce one or two flower stalks and each stalk produces two to five flowers. The amaryllis flowers are trumpet-shaped, similar to a lily, that measures up to six inches long and five inches wide.
It is important to purchase bulbs with a visible flower bud to ensure the amaryllis blub will flower because not all amaryllis bulbs flower. If only leaves are coming out of the center of the bulb, chances are your bulb is not going to flower. The flower buds will emerge before the leaves on a healthy blub. Flower buds are triangular and thicker than leaf buds, and have a faint line down the middle.
If your amaryllis bulb comes in a kit with growing medium, follow the directions on the kit. You may want to replace the plastic pot in the kit with a ceramic pot so the weight of the flowering bulb does not tip over the pot.
Keep your amaryllis plant in bright indirect sunlight until blooming starts. Make sure the top of the potting mix is dry before watering to prevent overwatering. Once your amaryllis starts to bloom, place the plant in moderate light to keep the flowers fresh. The potting mix should be moist, but not wet. Return the amaryllis to indirect sunlight after the blooms fade. Amaryllis bulbs can be planted outdoors after the last frost in a spot that gets part to full sun. When planting amaryllis, place the top of the short neck just above the ground. Spread the roots out in a fan at the bottom on the planting hole. Amaryllis will bloom each year in mid-spring. In sandy soils, amend with compost before planting to help retain soil moisture. For more information on amaryllis please visit the HGIC website at Tune in on Tuesday nights to watch “Making it Grow” at 7pm on SCETV or Email Outen at [email protected]
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