Council Chooses To Hire Wilson Anthony Clyburn As County Administrator

The Dillon County Council chose to hire Wilson Anthony Clyburn as the new county administrator effective December 1, 2018 in a 4-3 vote.
Voting to hire Mr. Clyburn were Councilmen Archie Scott, Gerome McLeod, James Campbell, and Jack Scott. Voting against the motion were Harold Moody, Chairman Stevie Grice, and Buzzy Finklea.
Three candidates were under consideration—Clyburn, Mackie Hayes, and Lisa Gray. Immediately following an executive session where candidates were interviewed, it was announced that Mrs. Gray had withdrawn her application.
The Herald is working to obtain more information on Mr. Clyburn and whether he will accept the offer of employment. Full details of the meeting will be in Tuesday’s issue of The Dillon Herald.

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