PHOTO GALLERY: Vikings Defeat Swamp Foxes In Overtime

The Latta Vikings varsity football team returned home Friday, August 24, with a 26-23 overtime win over the Marion Swamp Foxes in a long game filled with flags as evidenced on the first offensive play of the game.
The Latta Vikings stopped the Marion Swamp Foxes on the first series of plays and placed the first 6 points on the scoreboard on a completed pass from Dylan Brewer to #5 with 8:40 remaining in the game. The PAT was blocked.
The Swamp Foxes were again forced to punt.
After Latta could not move the ball, Marion took over. The Swamp Foxes’ quarterback threw a long completion to Latta’s 17-yard line and were threatening to score. On the next play the quarterback ran the ball into the end zone. However, the play was called back due to a flag against Marion. Marion was forced to attempt a field goal. Latta took over.
Marion recovered a Latta fumble on Latta’s 41-yard line but could not move the ball, and Latta took over.
Latta completed a pass to #2 for a first down. However, Marion held them and Latta was forced to punt.
Deonte Stanley’s punt placed Marion on their own 10-yard line. Marion’s #2, #25, #25, and #1 each picked up a first down before Latta threw a long pass that was tipped by a Latta defensive play but caught by Marion who scored to tie the game at 6 with 4:59 remaining in the first half. The PAT was blocked.
Latta was forced to punt on the next series of plays, and Marion had good field position while taking over on Latta’s 41-yard line with 3:22 remaining in the first half.
Marion fumbled but recovered the ball, and Latta took over with 13.1 seconds remaining in the first half and elected to run out the clock.
Latta wasted little time in the third quarter placing 6 points onto the scoreboard with 10:49 remaining in the third quarter. The 2-point conversion was good. Latta led 14-6.
The kickoff placed Marion on their own 14-yard line. The quarterback carried for a huge game but fumbled and Latta recovered. The play was called back due to another penalty. After being unsuccessful moving the ball, Latta took over and quickly scored with 2:20 remaining in the third quarter to give Latta a 20-6 lead. The 2-point conversion failed.
The Swamp Foxes’ receiver took a pass from the Latta defender for a huge gain of 40 yards on the first-down play but were forced to punt again after not being able to move the ball. With 6:46 remaining in the game Latta was ahead 20-12. However, Marion tied the game in regulation to force overtime. Latta won 26-23 in overtime on a touchdown by quarterback Dylan Brewer.

Latta’s quarterback completed 12 of 22 passes for 140 yards and 2 touchdowns.
J R McClam caught 4 passes for 68 yards and 2 touchdowns while Deonte Stanley caught 5 passes for 18 yards. Darius McRae was on the receiving end of 2 passes for 49 yards while Brandon Hayes caught a pass for 5 yards for Latta.
Chandler Nolan carried 9 times for 78 yards and a touchdown, Dylan Brewer carried 6 times for 32 yards and a touchdown, and Deonte Stanley rushed 1 time for 3 yards for the Vikings.
The Vikings’ Chandler Nolan had 15 tackles in the game while Jay Bailey had 12 tackles and a sack. Brandon Hayes added 10 tackles, 1 FF, and a sack for Latta. Chandler Matthews accounted for 8 tackles for the Vikings, and Trey Anderson added 7 tackles and a sack while Deonte Stanley had 7 tackles. Tommy Aiken contributed 6 tackles, and Haden Graham had 5 tackles. Zach Jones, Levond Dingle, and Brandon Page each had 3 tackles for the Vikings. J R McClam and A. J. Herring each had 2 tackles. Jordan McCrae, Caleb Bailey, Darius McCrae, Peyton Benson, and Matt Clark each added a tackle for Latta.
Latta will travel to Dillon on Friday, August 31, at 7:30 to face the Dillon Wildcats.

Photos by Johnnie Daniels/The Dillon Herald
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