Senate Report: Back To School

A new school year is upon us! Back to school marks the end of summer. The lazy carefree go whenever you wake up weekdays of summer are coming to an end. School has deadlines, specific places and times for every moment of every weekday. The days of summer have two requirements sleep late and do as little as possible. School days can be hectic and they start early in the morning. The start of school year brings new beginnings wrapped in old challenges.
With just a few free days remaining, now might be a good time to check the Website of your child’s school to find out what paperwork, if any, will be required to start school this year. Depending on the child’s age, you may need to present an up to date immunization record. And if it’s a new school, your student’s most recent report card may be required. The athlete(s) of the family will need a new physical form signed by a doctor. Avoid the last minute desperate search for the birth certificate, it will be needed by someone somewhere for something almost immediately.
It’s not too late to take a few nights to re-introduce the school year bedtime to the night owl. The late sleeper may be the biggest challenge and require the most patience…work the first few days. It might help to begin the new school year with a new calendar with blank lines and spaces to write down every assignment, practice, game, recital, appointment and due date. Everything will go smoothly if it is written on the calendar, right? This will keep the entire family on schedule and prepared for the inevitable busy days ahead.
The first day will begin with the dreaded alarm clock. Homework will be assigned the first day followed by an endless stream of assignments and permission slips that rest in a cluttered pile on top of something important. As soon as everyone is settled into this routine, the days will become shorter and darker earlier and it’s like the first day all over again. Practices or games are every night now. Football is in full swing and the temperature is much cooler, almost jacket weather. This school year will be the best one ever! Before you know it, you’ll see a Christmas tree and wonder what just happened.
As with all matters concerning state government, I want to hear your opinions and suggestions concerning these issues. Please contact me in my Columbia office located at 608 Gressette Office Building. You can reach me, or a member of my staff in Columbia at (803) 212-6000 or by fax at (803) 212-6011. My district office is located at 2523 East Highway 76, Marion, SC 29571, the phone number is (843) 423-8237 and the fax number is (843) 431-6049. You may also email me at [email protected] My business phone is (843) 423-3904. Please use this information to write, call or email me with your suggestions and concerns regarding issues before the Senate and in our community.

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