Is America Infected With Truth Decay?

The previous passage was spoken by Isaiah, the greatest of the major prophets (due to the size of the book that bears his name) to the northern kingdom of Judah and Jerusalem in the days of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah – Kings of Judah. It gave a great depiction of the northern kingdom of Judah and its decline from the standards and principles of God concerning justice, righteousness, and truth.
Are there striking similarities in our culture today – ingrained, entrenched, and pervasive cultural degeneracy and defiance against God and His ways? Are we, as a nation, treading down a path that seem right to our human and rational way of thinking that ultimately will lead to destruction? In my column today, I want to bring your attention to some ominous signs that seem to indicate that we are headed in the direction of national decline, decay, and the demise of our greatness as a nation that was once the envy of the entire world.
I chose the topic, “Is America Infected With Truth Decay?” because it seems and sounds very relevant to our discussion today. Like tooth decay, truth decay can be very detrimental to the moral and spiritual health and well being of a culture and community if it is not stopped in time. Ignoring it and just hoping it will one day go away or cease to exist on its own accord is downright absurd. Either we do something about the infection and decay, or it is going to spread and get worse.
Before I go any further on our topic of truth decay, it is very necessary that I give you my definition of truth as it pertains to our discussion. All of us perhaps know that truth can be defined as “anything that is genuine, real, and free from falsehoods, counterfeit, or deception.”
Truth is based upon proven facts and realities that are self-evident and irrefutable. All of the laws of nature and science are based upon truths that we have come to accept as undeniable facts upon which the whole of creation rests. However, there is a truth that all other truths derive their origin. In theological terms, it is referred to as the supreme and absolute truth.
It is thus referred to in such an exalted and divine way, because it comes from and speaks of none other than the Creator of all things.
He is the triune God spoken of in the Scriptures and is infinitely expressed in three distinct personalities: The Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost. The term “God” that was predominately used in the Old Testament was the Hebrew word “Elohim.” This word is a uniplural pronoun that denotes plurality. So each member of the Godhead is co-equal in that they are omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, transcendent, and eternal.
Though they have distinct personalities and functions, they always collaborate, cooperate, and participate in every aspect of creation and humanity.
Now that I have shared that about God, I want to devote the remainder of my column today to the task of showing how America, as a whole, has deviated from the path of absolute truth, as was determined by God. These truths are set in stone and are unalterable. God and His Word are intertwined and inseparable. Jesus Christ, the second person of the trinity is appropriately referred to in certain passages as both the Word and the Truth. So all truth bear witness to His essence.
We have abandoned some basic truths as a culture that have put us on a collision course with God’s judgment and wrath if we do not quickly repent. Perhaps at the very top of our inhumane and insane defiance is the killing of the unborn in the womb.
Every since the evil and genocidal decision of Wade vs. Roe back in 1973, more than sixty million innocent babies have been aborted because they posed an inconvenience at the time to the mothers who God, in His sovereignty, gave them to.
Though I am adamantly opposed to adultery, fornication, rape, and incest, all methods whereby women are impregnated, at the end of the day, only God (through His divine orchestration) can determine conception regardless of the circumstances of copulation.
If the blood of Abel cried out from the grave (see Genesis 4:9-10) because he had been murdered by his brother Cain, assuredly the blood of over sixty million innocent, aborted babies are crying out for vindication as well. Yes, we are infected with truth decay that has made us insensitive, inhumane, and somewhat insane when it comes to defending and protecting the unborn. Then there is the legalization of the great farce and lie of same-sex marriages. It seems as though our depreciation of and departure from absolute truths for relative truths, where everyone is increasingly doing what is right in their own eyes, is gaining momentum. Where will it eventually land us as a nation? Finally and shamefully, there is the case of habitual and pathological lying and deception that is stemming from the highest political office in the land that far too many Americans seem to ignore in their unbiblical practice of endorsing evil that good (financial prosperity) might come. Given the present state of things in our nation when absolute truths are being attacked or abandoned, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, and Helen Keller could clearly see where we are headed if something does not happen immediately to alter the course that we are on.
Will truth decay ultimately lead to the death of America and the loss of the battle for our national sanity and soul?

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