Church Speaks To Veterans Group

Chairman Johnnie Daniels called the meeting to order and opened with prayer.
Nineteen members present gave the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
Treasurer Cathorine Price gave the treasurer’s report.
A motion was made seconded and approved to accept the treasurer’s report.
Secretary Craig Brown read the minutes from the May 17 meeting.
A motion was made seconded and approved to accept the May 17 meeting.
Member James Leslie provided desserts and drinks for the meeting.
Chairman Daniels welcomed guest speaker Roger Church to the meeting.
Mr. Church told of his experiences in Vietnam.
Roger added that he was in an artillery unit and due to his service experience he was now classified as 100% disabled.
Roger stated that he has still suffers from some mental stress due to the war.
Chairman Daniels gave an update on the Health Fair.
Members discussed postponing the pork bog fundraiser from October until November.
November 2nd was discussed as possible date for the pork bog.
Chairman Daniels stated that Don Luehrs was next month’s guest speaker.
Chairman Daniels stated that the next scheduled meeting would be July 19.
Chairman Daniels thanked the American Legion for the use of their building.
A motion was made seconded and approved to adjourn the meeting.

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