City Of Dillon Residents To Pay Increased Fees

City of Dillon residents will pay an increased water and sewer fee, and increased garbage fee, and a new stormwater drainage fee as part of the 2018-2019 fiscal year budget.
The water and sewer fee and the garbage fee each increased by five percent. At the June meeting of the Dillon City Council, City Manager Glen Wagner said the increase will amount to $2.38 per month for 6,000 gallons of usage on the residential water and sewer bill. So those paying the base bill of $46.40 will increase to $48.78. The residential garbage bill will increase $1.19 per month from $23.84 to $25.04.
A new stormwater drainage fee has also been added. The residential stormwater drainage fee is $4 per month. The commercial stormwater drainage fee is $5 per month.
The new budget contains no salary increases for employees; however, the council may consider doing something for employees in November or December.
The new fee increase will begin showing up with the July billing.

Water and Sewer Increase
$2.38 per month…$28.56 increase per year

Garbage Increase
$1.19 per month…$14.28 increase per year

Stormwater Drainage Fee
$4.00 per month…$48.00 per year

Total Fee Increases On
A Minimum Bill = $90.84 per year

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