Fork Presbyterian Church Celebrates Independence Day

Fork Presbyterian Church held an Independence Day celebration.
On July 1st, during the morning prelude, Pam Scott lit the altar candles. Following the Call to Worship by the Sanctuary Choir, our flags were presented by Steve Haywood and John Stanley. Jimmy “Bo” Poston brought a beautiful message as he sang “If I Had My Way.”

The Sanctuary Choir sand an awesome arrangement of “America the Beautiful”. Perry Ford then had a slide presentation on “Let Freedom Ring.” The morning Scripture was Acts 5:1-10. Reverend Adrienne Anderson’s message was “We Are All In, or We Are All Out”. She pointed out that when we make a commitment to our church, our country, or our God we must be all in. Because our men and women in the armed forces were all in with their commitment to serve, we are able to celebrate our freedom.

For Presbyterian Church was decorated with flags, balloons, banners, and lots of red, white and blue things.

Snow Balls were provided for everyone present. Carol Arnette and Nes Arnette were in charge of this. Adults and children all lined up to try the different flavors.

Chef Tim Rogers grilled the hamburgers and hot dogs and the members provided everything else to go with the burgers and hot dogs.

Everybody enjoyed the worship, fellowship, meal, and the surprise treat of Snow Balls.

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