District Four Board Adopts Changes To Content And Credit Recovery Policy

The Dillon District Four Board of Trustees adopted changes to the policy IKADD-R* Content and Credit Recovery.
The policy with the new changes reads as follows:
School administrator will coordinate with staff members to identify students appropriate for participation in content and credit recovery programs.
Content Recovery
Students must be currently enrolled in a course to participate in content recovery.
Students are eligible for participation in content recovery through the recommendation of their classroom teacher based upon a variety of factors including, but not limited to, documented student performance on formative and summative classroom assessments, student attendance patterns, and course content and curriculum pacing.
(Situations in which students will be removed from content recovery (e.g., excessive absences, lack of academic progress, cheating, etc.)
Students are generally not limited in the amount of courses for which they may participate in content recovery,; however, school administrators may elect to limit participation based upon parent/legal guardian and/or teacher recommendation.
Content recovery assignments must be completed no later than the last day of the course for which the content recovery is being attempted. Seniors must complete any content recovery assignments no later than one week before graduation. Upon satisfactory completion of all assigned work within the time allowed, the teacher will factor the content recovery grade in with the currently recorded grade for that subset of the course by averaging the students initial grade with the content recovery grade.
Credit Recovery
Students must have previously failed a course to be eligible for credit recovery. Participation in credit recovery will not affect a student’s GPA.
Should a student wish to modify his/her GPA, he/she should repeat the full course for credit and not seek participation in the credit recovery program.
Students are eligible for a credit recovery course if they have previously taken and failed an initial credit course. Students must have obtained a grade of 50 or higher in the initial credit course, or the student is not eligible for credit recovery and must retake the full course to receive credit. Student who have already received credit for a course are ineligible to participate in credit recovery to improve their final grade.
Credit recovery course are provided to students without charge. However, a student’s parent/legal guardian will be responsible for any and all costs associated with a district-approved request to utilize an alternative method of instruction in lieu of the no-cost option the district offers.

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