2019 Paving Projects Announced

The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) has experienced a record-breaking year in the first year of the agency’s 10-Year Plan to Rebuild SC’s Roads. For the first time in the agency’s history, the total amount of road and bridge work underway on the state’s highways has exceeded $3 billion.
A key component of the 10-year plan is a dramatic increase in the paving program across the state. In year 1, SCDOT has awarded contracts totaling 2200 miles over the past year alone which is more than a doubling of the paving program. The 10-year plan calls for essentially another doubling of the paving program as the gas tax increase is fully phased-in.
On Thursday, June 21, 2018, the SCDOT Commission added to the first year success by approving a $417 million paving program which represents approximately 600 miles of additional ranked paving projects for year 2, the next year of the 10-Year Plan which begins on July1, 2018.
Secretary of Transportation Christy Hall said employing a strategic 10-year plan is contributing to the success. “SCDOT prepared this plan and shared it with lawmakers during the discussions of the Roads Bill in 2017. We have held to the plan during its first year which produced better-than-expected results. We will remain unwavering to the priorities within the four major programs. We encourage the public to follow our progress on the existing projects and as more are added,” said Hall.
The Dillon County allocation is $3,330,631.
The paving project list for Dillon County for 2019 is:
—Highway 38 West, Beginning Point: 0.30 MI W S-626 (Westover Rd.), Ending Point: L-1012 (Thicket Plain Rd.)
—Harllee’s Bridge Road, Beginning Point: S-61 (Oakland Rd.), Ending Point: SC 9 (Hwy. 9)
—Long Street, Beginning Point: SC 34, Ending Point S-423 Fairfield Road
—Homelight Road, Beginning Point: S-481 Long Street, Ending Point: S-25 Old Latta Highway

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