Pyerian Baptist Church Sends Parents To Be Missionaries In Own Home

This Father’s Day Pyerian Baptist Church held a special service highlighting the importance of the parent in the spiritual growth and health of their own homes.
The service was precluded by a special class that each of the participating parents and grandparents attended led by the pastor, Dr. James Orr. Each family received a framed certificate of commissioning and a new family devotional to help lead Bible study in their homes.
Dr. Orr stated, “We want to refocus the emphasis on the parent as the leader of the home as the Bible outlines for us, in particular the father and the order of the home. We believe that God has given the home as a gift. The family is the basic building block of corporate worship and when we follow the Lord’s instruction the home is a happier, healthier, and safer environment for our children and the entire family.”

Pictured left to right: Top row: Henry, Destiny, Michelle Hewitt; Ben, Megan Snipes; Pastor James Orr; Stephanie, Baby, R J, Kyliegh, J, Benji Long; Jeff, JP, Emma Bley; Bottom Row: Beverly, Ray Williamson; Mitchell Arnette, Chase, Zack Gray, Tonya Arnette; Cindy Orr; Aston, Brandi, Ella, Preston, Jamie, Lexi Haselden; Charlene, Sage, Stuart, Avery Poston; Brian Timblin, Malcolm Smith; Deacon, Brandon, Elizabeth Snipes; Kayliegh, Eliza Jo, AJ, Joy Bostic.; Not Pictured: Phillip, Brooke, Kaitlyn, Kourtni, Hunter Lee; Wayne, Becky King; Michael, Susan, Reagan, Grayson, Isabelle Dickens (Contributed Photo)

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