Trico Water Co., Inc. Offering Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity

Trico Water Co., Inc. is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get a new water tap installed at a greatly reduced price on either the new phase or on the existing water system.
For a limited time only, they are offering new water taps on the existing system for only $150.00 which is greatly reduced from the normal price of $550.00.
In addition to this, they have a new phase going on which will extend our water lines to several new areas in the county.
The price of these taps is also $150.00, so please come in and sign up immediately as this offer will expire on July 6, 2018.
Please take advantage of this sale price before it is too late!
If you have any questions about whether your area is included in the new phase or about getting a tap on the existing system, please come by the office at 205 South 5th Avenue or call us at 843-774-4802.
* Please note, this offer extends only to users who will be using the water immediately as bonafide users and not to those with empty lots or planned subdivisions for future use.

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