Senate Report: Legislation

This session, the General Assembly passed significant legislation on behalf of all South Carolinians. Matters and concerns important to this part of the state were considered and decided.
One piece of important legislation that was passed is S805 ensures children under the care of a state agency timely, safe and effective services. The Department of Children’s Advocacy is established to perform oversight duties to safeguard the health, safety, and well-being of all children receiving services or programs from a state agency.
Another important piece of legislation is H3701. This bill ensures that before DSS places a child with a relative who is not licensed as a foster parent, DSS must inform the relative of the procedures for licensure as a foster parent. If the relative is licensed he/she is eligible for financial benefits and supportive services. The relative must submit to a background check to include the Central Registry of Child Abuse and Neglect is required.
Finally, I would like to share with you H3929. The Agricultural Animal Facilities legislation accelerates licensing and approval for poultry farms’ expansion. It makes revisions for the review and appeal of decisions by the Department of Environmental Control regarding setbacks, buffers and other specific requirements regarding the permitting of a poultry facility or another animal facility, except a swine facility.
Also, this legislation changes the distance from two miles to one mile an affected person must live in to be allowed to appeal the facility’s operating permit. It requires that challenges must be made by the affected person and may not be lodged on their behalf. The decision to issue a permit, license, certification, or other approval of a poultry facility or another animal facility, except a swine facility, may not be contested if the proposed building footprint is located eight hundred feet or more from the facility owner’s property line or located one thousand feet or more from an adjacent property owner’s residence.
It is an honor to serve you in Columbia, and I am grateful for your continued support. As with all matters concerning state government, I want to hear your opinions and suggestions concerning these issues. Please contact me in my Columbia office located at 608 Gressette Office Building. You can reach me, or a member of my staff in Columbia at (803) 212-6000 or by fax at (803) 212-6011. My district office is located at 2523 East Highway 76, Marion, SC 29571, the phone number is (843) 423-8237 and the fax number is (843) 431-6049. You may also email me at [email protected]
As always, I also want to supply you with my business phone number so that you will able to reach me easily at any time. My business phone is (843) 423-3904. Please use this information to write, call or email me with your suggestions and concerns regarding issues before the Senate and in our community.

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