City Council Approves Two-Year Extension On Golf Course Lease

The City of Dillon council voted 4-1 to approve a two-year extension of the golf course lease at their May meeting.
Councilman Johnny Eller was the opposing vote. Councilmen Douglas Jackson and John Braddy were not present.
The agreement extension states the following: The Lessor and Lessee now agree to extend the lease for an additional tow (2) years from June 1, 2018 to end June 30, 2020. The lease extension shall be under the same terms as set forth in the original lease agreement with the Lessee paying the Lessor $2,500.00 a month during the term of this extension. In addition, the Lessee will remove all debris the Lessee has stored on the acres not used for gold and the Lessee will allow the Lessor to relocate the #12 green to accommodate an entry road from the clubhouse driveway to the 28 acres not being used for gold purposes at the Lessor expense and the Lessor will coordinate this relocation with the Lessee.
Robert Johnson, Twin lakes Enterprises, LLC, is the lessor. The City of Dillon is the lessee.
Motion to approve the agreement was made by Councilman Phil Wallace with a second by Councilman James Washington.

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