NETC Launching Career Connect

Northeastern Technical College is launching the new Career Connect program this summer for students who are looking to get a job fast with short-term workforce certifications that can be completed in less than a year.
Certification programs are being offered at all NETC Campuses in career areas such as Business, Healthcare, Criminal Justice, Information Management, Engineering and Industrial Technology, Welding, and Logistics.
Certification programs available specifically at the Dillon County Campus include: Accounting, Computer Numerical Controls (CNC), Engineering – Electrical Level I, Engineering – Mechanical Level I, Forensics in Criminology, Information Technology, Nursing Assisting and Phlebotomy, Transportation Logistics, Warehousing Logistics, and Webpage Design. All programs are scheduled to start June 11.
Students who enroll in the Career Connect program will be eligible to receive a scholarship to take two free classes during the 2018 Summer Semester, but must make a continued commitment to enroll in the Fall 2018 semester to complete their certification program.
For more information, interested students should call Northeastern Technical College at 843-921-6900 before June 8.

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