Camp Meeting Held At East Dillon Baptist Church

East Dillon Baptist Church is presently in a Camp Meeting through tonight, Thursday, May 24.
Each night there is a pre-service concert featuring the Down East Boys who presently have the number 2 song on the gospel chart.
Join us tonight and hear the message by Rev. Herb Reavis.
On Tuesday, May 22, Rev. Jeff LaBorg presented the message from John Chapter 6 beginning with verse 1, The Feeding of the 5,000.
Matthew 14:15 informs us that all four Gospels record this miracle. Matthew 6:3 gives us “Desperation”. Verse 5, when he lifted His eyes He ask Phillip where are we going to get enough food to feed the people? When He lifted up His eyes, He was looking at God.
Why did He choose Phillip? Phillip was from the nearest village. Before Phillip could come up with a reason, He wanted to debunk it.
Verse 9, Andrew brought a little boy with 2 fish and 5 barley loaves. He said we can use this. He blessed the food and said make the men sit down. In that day and time, the 5,000 men reclined when they ate. There was probably between 15 to 20 thousand people present. Verse 11,The men who did not sit down did not get fed.
Sit down, shut up, and be still. Jesus is enough for whatever you need.
East Dillon Baptist Church is located at 702 South 16th Avenue, Dillon.

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