Main Corridor Of Inland Port Under Construction

By Betsy Finklea
D&L Sitework, Inc. of Conway is constructing the main corridor to Inland Port Dillon.
D&L Sitework, Inc. is a regional contractor that has been in business since 1997. They have worked on projects from Columbia to the coast.


D&L Sitework, Inc. won the project through the bid process through Dillon County.
Benjie Andrew, Governmental Affairs/Project Coordinator, said they were so happy and thankful to; be working on this road which is part of the state’s premiere project, Inland Port Dillon.
Andrew said so far the work has gone great except for the rain, which has caused some delays, and it has been a pleasure.
The total project involves the construction of a new road and the reclamation of one and a half miles of Fairfield Road.
The reclamation of Fairfield Road involves milling up the asphalt, regarding the ditches, and getting the roads up to today’s SCDOT standards. They will also be re-doing the driveways to the properties on the road. The grass on the sides of the road will be hydoseeded and re-seeded. During the reclamation, the road will be open to local traffic, but there will be lane closures while the work is being done. Everything will be done to make it as easy as possible on those who live in the area. Andrew said the port, SCDOT, and county will decide how traffic will be routed to the port during the reclamation.
The new portion is three-fourths of a mile and runs between Fairfield Road and Highway 34. A new intersection in the shape of a “y” will be created. Trucks coming into the inland port will get off of I-95 at exit 190, go to Highway 34, and then turn off on the new road.
As part of the bid, the company will upgrade the water lines from Harbor Freight to Fairfield Road. Andrew said they have a great working relationship with Trico Water.
They will also be improving the storm drainage.
The new road is being built up three to four feet using imported fill to get it to SCDOT standards. The dirt is being brought from a borrow pit because the natural soil did not pass the compaction test.
Andrew said the Dillon County Council had been a great partner to work with as well as County Administrator Rodney Berry. Andrew also credited Congressman Tom Rice and his office, Senator Kent Williams, Rep Jackie Hayes, and Senator Greg Hembree for all they did to bring the inland port to this area.
Andrew serves on the State Agriculture Commission serving Horry and Georgetown counties and said the inland port and growth in the area will be an excellent opportunity for agriculture in the area.
The completion date for the new road and the reclamation of Fairfield Road is unknown due to factors such as the weather and soil quality; however, the project is moving quickly and is ahead of schedule on the part of the contractor’s work.

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