McGirt Named FSD1 Teacher Of The Month

Marcus McGirt was named FSD1 Teacher of the Month for March.
Mr. McGirt, a 2012 graduate of Latta High School and a 2017 graduate of Morris College, is a native of Dillon County. Marcus is on his first year of teaching at Williams Middle School in Florence, SC. This honor is decided by only students in the school.

Although Mr. McGirt is the 7th grade Social Studies teacher, out of 661 students at the school, just as many 8th graders voted for him as the 7th graders he encounters daily.
When asked, “How did it feel when the announcement was made,” he answered, “I was shocked! I came in the middle of the year to a school where I am the fourth teacher here and I think I came in and gave assurance to the students that Mr. McGirt is stern, but he will be here for his students to ensure they get a valued education.” McGirt says he just believes God handpicked him to be here in this moment just for these students. “I honestly think God saved me just for this moment.” When asked, “what is your why for teaching,” Mr. McGirt stated, “I am here to cultivate the positive minds of young learners to understand that someone cares about their way of getting knowledge, prepare them to be able to critically think things through, and ensure that they are able to be receptive to what they have learned from me, the teacher, to go out and compete in a global changing world.”

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