Conner Miles: A Miracle Child

The Mount Calvary Baptist Church Brotherhood, WMU, and BYU met on Monday, March 5, at 7:00 p.m. at the Mount Calvary Family Life Center.

Aaron Miles

After a delicious meal and fellowship, Aaron Miles, Athletic Director and Assistant Principal at Latta High School, was the guest speaker. He gave an inspiring testimony. Everyone listened intently as Miles relived the horrible day that his son, Conner, received serious head injuries as a tree fell and trapped him in his home.
Miles recounted hearing of the bad weather that was to take place that day. After leaving school, he remarked that he did as most people with the treat of severe weather…he headed to the grocery store.
Shortly after arriving at his home, it began to hail. He recalled that he was staring out a window, and before he knew it…a tree had fallen on his house! He quickly asked if everyone were okay. He recalled that his wife responded and his older son responded. As panic set in, everyone was looking for Conner. Miles heard a sound from his dog, and quickly realized that Conner would be where the dog was.

Conner Miles

As Miles arrived in the room with Conner, the rain was pouring through the damaged roof. He quickly noticed a puddle of blood on the floor when he saw that his son was trapped beneath the tree!
Miles immediately called 9-1-1! He was advised not to move Conner!
Miles noticed that the tree was shifting…he had to move him! Debris was on Conner! Miles managed to lift the tree debris from Conner with the Lord in control! God was at work…”He gave me the strength to move it.”
A few days later the same tree debris had to be moved to acquire some documents. It took several of us to move it!
Miles recalled that he had called EMS. If he had waited only about 30 seconds, the Latta EMS would have been heading to Hwy. 917 where a tree had fallen on a car. Once again, God was at work.
Conner was transported to Dillon where he was stabilized and transported to Florence. He was to be transported via helicopter. However, the wind was too strong. Therefore, he was transported via the ambulance.
The family was instructed that no one could ride in the ambulance with him. However, that was not to be the case as Conner’s mother, Stephani, jumped into the ambulance where she stayed.
Before the family arrived at Florence, they learned that the doctor and staff had been praying. Once again God was at work!
Upon arriving Conner was taken immediately to emergency surgery…he was still on the EMS stretcher. At a later time, the doctor remarked that was a first for him…that is, operating on a patient while still on an EMS stretcher.
God was at work again when the nurse anesthetist on duty was well qualified in the trauma unit.
After Conner began to improve, efforts were made to remove him from the ventilator. This was delayed several times. A prayer shawl made by Union Baptist Church was given to my wife. She placed the shawl on our son. That same Sunday afternoon, a lady from the Church of God brought a cloth that had been prayed over, and it was also placed on Conner. Again, God was at work.
My wife prayed to God that our son would be off of the ventilator by his birthday, April 13.
On April 12, Conner came off of the ventilator. Yes, God was at work again.
Conner spent 17 days in the hospital. Conner has had a great deal of therapy.
Today, the older son, Brennon, has trouble with stormy weather.
By the way, the tree that fell on Conner looked green, straight, and very healthy. However, when Hurricane Matthew came through, the tree was lifted straight up.
Aaron remarked, “I have witnessed a miracle of the Lord.”
“When things are good or bad, let’s call on the Lord. Let’s call on the Lord for everything,” stated Miles.
Miles was well-received by all in attendance.
The next Brotherhood, WMU, and BYU meeting will be Monday, April 2, at 7:00 p.m. You are invited to attend and enjoy a delicious meal before hearing a guest speaker. Mount Calvary Baptist Church is located at 405 Mount Calvary Road, Dillon.

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