Lowery Sentenced To 25 Years

Almonzo Lowery, 33, was sentenced on Wednesday to 25 years by Circuit Court Judge Paul Burch after pleading to kidnapping, carjacking, and assault and battery. Lowery also plead guilty to armed robbery and larceny stemming from a Marlboro County incident that happened prior to the Dillon incident.
In Dillon in January of 2017, Lowery overcame a victim as she offered to give Lowery a ride to a gas station. He placed her in the trunk of her car and rode around all day, at times assaulting her, before leaving her alive in the trunk and the car in a field.
The victim was found by a passerby who noticed the car in the field.
Based on the charges, Lowery will have to serve at least 85 percent of his sentence in the South Carolina Department of Corrections.
“This is a most unfortunate situation that thankfully resolved itself by plea rather than having these victims go through a trial, as they have been through enough already,” said Assistant Solicitor Shipp Daniel, who prosecuted the case. “When I spoke with the victim this morning, she asked me what Lowery’s first name was so that she could use his first name when she prays for him. That’s the kind of soul who suffered at this hands of this man.”
Daniel added that the Dillon County Sheriff’s Office, led in this case by Detective Allan Rogers, handled the case and did an exceptional job in its investigation.

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