Black History Month Proclaimed

By Betsy Finklea
The Dillon County Council passed a Black History Month proclamation at their regular meeting last week.
The motion to approve the proclamation was made by Councilman James “Hoghead” Campbell and seconded by Councilman Archie Scott. The motion was approved by council.
The proclamation, signed by Chairman Stevie Grice, reads as follows:

WHEREAS, Black History Month honors and affirms the importance of Black History throughout our American experience; and
WHEREAS, the history of people of African heritage goes back thousands of years and includes some of the greatest, most advanced and innovative societies in the history of human existence; and
WHEREAS, Black History Month is a time for all Americans to reflect on the rich history and teachings of African Americans whose contributions are vast and wide; and
WHEREAS, the Dillon County Branch of the NAAACP, Citizens for a Better Community, and many individuals throughout our County are dedicated to the principle of fostering civic, economic and educational programs throughout Dillon County and are dedicated to encouraging reflection on the rich history and teachings of African Americans and bearing witnesses to the progress, beauty, and achievements they have made throughout our community; and
WHEREAS, it is fitting we set aside a special time to acknowledge this important segment of citizens of our community and their history;
NOW, THEREFORE, I, Stevie Grice, Chairman of the Dillon County Council, Dillon SC, do hereby proclaim the month of February to be “Black History Month” in Dillon County and urge all citizens to join me in celebrating the diversity and character of our community and highlight the importance of sharing our culture, customs and traditions with those around us.
In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand on this date, January 24th, in the year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Eighteen.
Stevie Grice, Chairman
Dillon County Council
Dillon, South Carolina

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