Dillon County Council To Hold Called Meeting On January 12th

DILLON, SC 29536
JANUARY 12, 2018
3:00 PM

1.​ Pledge of Allegiance

2.​ Invocation

3. Approval of Agenda

4.​ Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman

5.​ New Business
​A. Harbor Freight Permitting Fees
​B. Accommodations Tax Approval
​C. Tri-County Park Expansion in Marion County
​D. SCDOT Request Concerning Lester Road Bridge

6.​ Ordinances
A. Second Reading – An Ordinance Authorizing The Execution And Delivery Of A Fee In Lieu Of Tax Agreement By And Between Dillon County, South Carolina And A Company Or Companies Known To The County At This Time As Project Unique With Respect To Certain Economic Development Property In The County, Whereby Such Property Will Be Subject To Certain Payments In Lieu Of Taxes, Including The Provision Of Certain Special Source Credits; And Other Matters Related Thereto.
B. Second Reading – An Ordinance To Amend An Agreement For The Development Of A Joint County Industrial And Business Park (2016 Park) Of Dillon And Marlboro Counties So As To Enlarge The Park (Project Unique).

7.​ Resolutions
A. Identifying A Project To Satisfy The Requirements Of Title 12, Chapter 44 Of The South Carolina Code, So As To Allow Investment Expenditures Incurred By A Company Known to The County As Project Unique, Its Affiliates And Related Entities, To Qualify As Expenditures Eligible For A Fee-In-Lieu Of Taxes And Special Source Credit Arrangement With Dillon County, South Carolina; Providing For Other Related Economic Development Incentives; And Other Matters Related Thereto.

8.​ Appointments
A. Accommodations Tax Appointment – Archie Scott

9.​ Administrator’s Report
A. Update on the Cover of the Magazine
B. Closing of Country Side Road

10.​ Executive Session – Personnel Matter
Results of Executive Session

11.​ Council Comments

12.​ Adjournment

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