Marian Jordan Joins Dillon USDA Service Center

NRCS in South Carolina welcomes Marian Jordan, the District Conservationist, to the Dillon USDA Service Center. Marian is a native of Mississippi, and began her career with NRCS as a student intern in 2009.
Marian attended Alcon State University and received a Bachelor of Science in Biology, as well as a Master of Science in Agronomy. She has enjoyed her travels with the agency, working in Wisconsin, California, and currently, South Carolina.
Marian began working with NRCS as a way to help others, but now feels it is her true calling. “I sort of fell into this job and I have been in love with it ever since,” said Marian.
In her spare time, Marian is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys recreation, such as fishing and hiking. She is also an adventure seeker who has enjoyed skydiving and zip lining and looks forward to more adventure in the future, such as scuba diving and riding motorcycles.
When at home, Marian enjoys spending time with her family.

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