Latta Town Officials Actively Planning For Hurricane

By Betsy Finklea
Latta town officials have been actively planning for Hurricane Irma during the past week.
At a meeting Thursday night, while those present were hoping for the best possible outcome, they still prepared for the worst possible scenario.
Town Administrator Jarett Taylor discussed the preparations that had been made up to the point of the meeting and discussed the plan of action should the hurricane strike.
Latta town workers, police, rescue, fire, Red Cross, Disaster Preparedness, and town council were in attendance at the meeting.
Latta plans a curfew during and after the hurricane if necessary. Chief Derrick Cartwright urges that if the hurricane strikes to heed the curfew and advice of local police officers and officials. The curfew, if needed, will be enforced. He also reminds the public to not move or go around barricades and cones put in place for the public’s safety. Stay tuned to social media for the most recent updates if needed.

Photos by Betsy Finklea/The Dillon Herald
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