Dillon County Council To Hold Called Meeting

DILLON, SC 29536
AUGUST 30, 2017
10:00 a.m.

1.​ Pledge of Allegiance

2. Invocation

3.​ Approval of Agenda

4.​ New Business
A. Marlboro Electric Right Of Way & Utility Easement For Land Option Book 434 At Page 82 (Joseph Coward)

5.​ Old Business
​A. Fire Department Employees – 6 Months Waiting Period Before Reapplying

6.​ Ordinance
A. Third Reading – An Ordinance to Provide Supplemental Budget Appropriations for County Purposes in the County of Dillon for the Fiscal Year Beginning July 1, 2017 and Ending June 30, 2018 and Adopt and Implement Rates and Fees, and for Other Tax Purposes and County Appropriation Purposes and to Establish the Tax Millage to Provide for the Budget
B. Second Reading – An Ordinance By Dillon County Council To Amend The Official Zoning Map Of Dillon County To Rezone A Parcel Of Land Known As Tax Map Numbers Portion Of #58(Parcel 49) and Portion of 68 (Parcel 02) Property Owners Dillon Property Holding, LLC and W. L. Bethea Farms, LTD From Rural (RU) to ID-1 (Light Industrial) For Purpose Of Expansion To Harbor Freight.
C. First Reading – An Ordinance To Amend The Preservation Tax Incentive Ordinance For Dillon County (Ordinance 09-12) To Extend The Special Assessment Period From Six (6) Years To (8) Years.
D. First Reading – An Ordinance Authorizing The Sale And Conveyance From Dillon County To CareSouth Carolina, Inc. Of Approximately 3.52 Acres And Designated As “New Tract” On A Subdivision Survey Of A Part Of Tax Map 69 Parcel 6 By William E. Hayes, PLS, Dated July 31, 2017, And Other Matters Relating Thereto.
E. First Reading – An Ordinance Authorizing The Execution And Delivery Of A Fee In Lieu Of Tax Agreement By And Between Dillon County, South Carolina And A Company Known To The County At This Time As Project Bio With Respect To Certain Economic Development Property In The County, Whereby Such Property Will Be Subject To Certain Payments In Lieu Of Taxes, Including The Provision Of Certain Special Source Credits; And Other Matters Related Thereto.

7. ​Resolutions
A. A Resolution Authorizing The Execution And Delivery Of An Inducement Agreement And Millage Rate Agreement By And Between Dillon County, South Carolina And Project Bio, Whereby, Under Certain Conditions, Dillon County Will Execute A Fee In Lieu Of Tax And Special Source Credit Agreement With Respect To A Project In The County Whereby The Project Would Be Subject To Payment Of Certain Fees In Lieu Of Taxes, And Dillon County Will Make Available Certain Credits Against Fee Payments In Reimbursement Of Investment In Related Qualified Infrastructure; And Providing For Related Matters.

8. ​Adjournment

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