Dillon Downtown Revitalization Members Share Vision For Downtown

We asked the members of the Dillon Downtown Revitalization Committee what their vision is for downtown Dillon. Here are the responses we received:

Salley McIntyre
I believe that every downtown is the heart of the community.
Our downtown area has been undergoing renovations and infrastructure since at least 2000.
As time has passed, some building conditions have deteriorated. We have lost some of our bigger businesses that drew smaller businesses into the downtown area. These bigger businesses attracted shoppers and the smaller businesses benefited from their presence.
As a property owner and a former Mayor, I want to see our downtown area come alive again. Upkeep and costs on older buildings is expensive and never ending. Hopefully through the grants that are now available and the momentum that our current Mayor Todd Davis has brought to life, Dillon will see a new “attitude” as they drive down Main Street.
Dillon has so much to offer and our committee just wants to expand on the beauty of our small city by making our downtown more attractive, appealing and welcoming to both citizens and visitors.

Stephanie Mitchell
I would like to see everyone working together to make downtown better. We don’t all have to like each other, but we do need to learn to work together for the betterment of our town.
I’d love to see as many building owners as possible take advantage of the façade grant program. It would be so nice to have a pretty main street. I’d love to see all the old metal awnings gone and replaced with new canvas ones. I’d love to see planters and bistro sets outside several stores, so it makes it inviting for visitors and customers to come shop.
I’d like to see an active downtown business owners association working together to make downtown historic Dillon the place to go for everything. It really does take a village to make things happen.
I’m sure some people think that we can’t compete with large chain stores, but I promise you most people are very tired of those large chain stores and want something more personal. They want you to say hello when they come in and genuinely be happy to see them and help them. Customers really want a relationship with the companies they shop with.
I would love to see a coffee shop, a sandwich shop and a bakery on main street. It would bring the foot traffic needed to keep the shops downtown viable. I’d love to see every building filled with some type of customer based business. We need to think about what people want and fill their needs. Then they will stay in Dillon and not have to go elsewhere for shopping and dining.
We also need several additional nicer, but affordable, restaurants in Dillon. We would do well with an upscale clothing consignment shop. Also very small micro-businesses need a place to start out. They are the up and coming businesses that can’t afford to rent an entire building yet, but can afford and need to rent a small shared space. We have the buildings and so many have great ideas. It all goes back to the fact that we need to work together to make Dillon the best place to be.

Mayor Todd Davis
My short term vision is to see investor interest in the downtown properties.
With the newly implemented tax incentives along with the grant package passed by city council I think our incentive package is second to none.
Now we wait but continue with the marketing efforts.

Steve Johnson
My vision is for each building owner to bring their buildings up to the new maintenance orders and keep them that way and work with renters on the facades such as awnings, planters, sandwich boards, these that will tell customers that this business is clean and inviting. I also expect this to happen from one end of Main Street to the other within the next 1-2 years. At the same time spilling over into the blocks off of Main Street. With a new Downtown Business Association, I expect each business to do its part in driving business and sales back to downtown!

Lynn Carr
My vision to improve downtown Dillon is to hold several events that are family friendly so that children have fond memories of our downtown area.
I would suggest to “Light Up Downtown” the week of Thanksgiving through New Year’s with white lights in trees and offer carriage rides once a month.
We could encourage local churches to come caroling during the holidays.
We need the downtown to be the heart of our community which will entice growth.

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