Union Baptist Church Building New Campus Just Outside Latta

UUnion Baptist Church is building a new campus on Old Ebenezer Road just outside of Latta, according to Rev. Dean Parker.
The new campus was started in November of 2016. The Lord willing, the UBC South Campus will be complete and functioning in May 2018. They are building 15,000 square feet in two buildings.

Future Home of Union Baptist Church

The front will be a worship center, classrooms, offices, and restrooms. The back will be fellowship hall, kitchen, mission rooms, and restrooms with showers. Between the two buildings will be a courtyard.

The fellowship building at Union Baptist Church

To the front of the main structures will be ample parking for “whosoever will, come,” To the rear of the main structures will be 7 acres for future expansion. The buildings will have full camper hook-ups. “We give praise to God for Campers on Missions and other mission groups who have helped in so many ways,” said Rev. Parker.

Union Baptist Church current location

There is talk of several different ideas for their present facility, but the congregation has not made a decision at this point. “We know that the present facility will always remain in the Union family and will be used to help continue our purpose; ‘Touching Heaven, Changing Earth,’” Rev. Parker said.

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