Town Of Lake View Council Minutes: June 2017

JUNE 15, 2017
Present: Mayor Matthew Elvington; Council Members Mertis Barnett, David Johnson, David Kitchens; Clerk Sara Elvington.
Mayor Elvington called the meeting to order, welcomed everyone and opened with prayer. The minutes from May 18, 2017 were reviewed. Councilman Kitchens made a motion to accept the minutes and Councilmember Barnett second with a unanimous vote.
Council Concerns:
1. Councilman David Kitchens said the maintenance department needs a brush cutter to help eliminate the weeds in town.
2. Councilman David Johnson has been in touch with Mr. Bobby Horne to help with the street signs in town. The town is in dire need of street sign replacement. Johnson also reminded mayor and council the need of voting on Mayor Pro Tem, all agree this would be done next week. Mayor and council members will have Chief Campbell to fix markers at intersections for “No Parking” as this obstructs the intersection view. Councilman Johnson said he would help Mrs. Pat Laird and Sara Elvington put the pictures and plaques up at the Community Center since remodeling is complete. Council members and mayor have decided it’s time to review the Community Center contract.
3. Councilmember Mertis Barnett said there is a dog problem in town. Mayor Elvington said he would see about getting traps set in different areas. Councilmember Barnett is looking into a set time for the Fall Festival, which she hopes to have at an earlier date than last year. Councilmember Barnett said she would be in touch with the other members on the planning committee to get a plan going on events for the town. Mayor Elvington said he would like to sit in on the meeting.
4. Mayor Elvington said he had several items he is looking into and will get back with council at a later time.
5. Third reading of the 2018 Budget with changes noted.
No other business at hand; the meeting was adjourned.

Thursday, June 29, 2017, 7:00 p.m.
Present: Mayor Matthew Elvington; Council Members David Johnson, Mertis Barnett, David Kitchens, Tony Hayes; also present, Sara Elvington, clerk; Attorney Jim Peterson; Economic Development Director Tony McNeil.
Let it be known no general public citizens attended.
1. Meeting was called to order by Mayor Elvington.
2. Councilman David Johnson opened in prayer.
3. Budget was reviewed and passed unanimously, budget was signed.
4. Hazard Mitigation paperwork was reviewed and signed.
5. Discussion on having Ordinances reviewed and revised by outside company with unanimous vote.
6. Community Center contract reviewed with unanimous decision to enforce the contract as it. There is a problem with Center not being left in a clean condition, all the keys have not been turned in which may lead to the Center’s lock being changed.
7. Councilman David Johnson offered to finish placing the pictures back on the wall at the Community Center since renovations are complete.
8. Mayor recommended going into executive session for further discussions on Honey Hill with Tonny McNeil and review of recommendations from Attorney Jim Peterson. Councilman David Johnson made the first motion and was seconded by Councilman Tony Hayes with all present in agreement.
9. Mayor said we were in executive session on Economic Development and legal advice and no voting on either. Mayor asked for motion to move forward with Attorney Peterson to work with County Council on Honey Hill, question with Ordinances. Council member David Kitchens made the motion, seconded by Council member Mertis Barnett with all in agreement.
10. Mayor asked the council members to decide among themselves who would be Mayor Pro Tem. Nomination was made by Tony Hayes for David Johnson, all voted unanimously in favor of Councilman Johnson, and he did accept to serve as Mayor Pro Tem.
No further business to discuss; meeting was adjourned.

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