Lee Named S.C. Highway Patrol TCO Of The Year

SCHP recognized Telecommunications Operators from around the state for the support they provide to the Highway Patrol and other DPS law enforcement divisions.
TCO Bradford Lee of the Florence Telecommunications Center was chosen as the overall Telecommunications winner. He was recognized for the outstanding work he does each day to support troopers and other law enforcement as well as the motoring public.
TCO Bradford D. Lee is recognized for his work ethic and his assistance in helping a trooper apprehend a drunk driver. TCO Lee has shown dedication and a genuine enthusiasm for his job and often agrees
to schedule changes and/or adjustments necessary to ensure proper shift coverage. TCO Lee has a passion for computers, which is demonstrated in his promptly notifying supervisors about problems related to CAD updates and/or NCIC messages that need the attention of the Terminal Agency Coordinator. When his radio is busy with traffic, he makes extra effort to multitask answering telephones and entering calls for service in CAD.
On July 1, 2016, TCO Lee was working the Horry radio. He was serving as a call tak er/dispatcher for a call where he stayed continuously on the telephone with a complainant reporting an intoxicated driver until a trooper could make the traffic stop on the vehicle.
TCO Lee also serves as an officer with the Civil Air Patrol and he serves his local community as a firefighter with the Floydale Fire Department in Dillon when he is not on duty. TCO Lee is a Florence native , currently residing in Dillon with his wife, Lisa, and thei r two daughters ages one and five.


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