SCEMD Monitoring Tropical Storm Erika

COLUMBIA, S.C. (Thursday, August 27, 2015, 10:30 a.m.) – The South Carolina Emergency Management Division is monitoring Tropical Storm Erika, which forecasters expect to strengthen into a hurricane.  As a result of the storm’s projected movement up the east coast, key local and state agencies have been notified to be ready to respond if the need arises.
South Carolina residents and visitors in potentially vulnerable areas should review their plans and consider actions they would need to take if the storm threatens the state. Everyone should monitor the storm via local news media and follow updates from the National Hurricane Center, especially people in low-lying areas along the South Carolina coast.
“We’re watching Tropical Storm Erika very closely. There’s still a lot of uncertainty in the forecasts,” SCEMD Director Kim Stenson said “If it looks like this storm is going to affect South Carolina we want everyone to be ready. Now would be the time to review your emergency plans just in case.”
The official 2015 S.C. Hurricane Guide is available at all South Carolina Welcome Centers, at Walgreen’s stores statewide and for download via SCEMD’s website at Follow the Division’s social feeds for @SCEMD content posted in your newsfeeds:, and others.