Back To The Future: Rediscovering The Formula To America’s Greatness

Someone recently asked me this question:  Where do you get the ideas for your commentaries?  To be perfectly honest for the most part, they come from my constant observance of current events, trends, and my fascination and intrigue with history.  Like Mr. James Moultrie, my first true history teacher and mentor, who challenged and inspired me, along with Dr. Kenneth R. Manning, who did likewise through his example and his probing into our intellects while attending Mrs. Cagle’s twelfth grade English class at Gordon High School during the few times he was able to visit while attending Harvard Grade School.  Perhaps like these two very esteem men, I should have been a historian.  Getting back to the question that was asked of me regarding the origin of my ideas for commentaries, often times they just seem to come out of nowhere.  However, I know that nothing ever truly appears from anywhere without it first being derived from information or motivation from within our minds or subconscious.  The idea for this commentary came in such a fashion.

Revisiting vs Revising
There is a subtle and sinister scheme being perpetuated in America by many in academia, politics, the media, and especially the entertainment world to rewrite American history, as well as redefine our code of ethics and morals.  Such people can be referred to as revisionist.  Like the idiotic and narrow-minded people who deny that the Jewish Holocaust ever happened.  These ultra liberal revisionist want to change the foundational impact and influence that Judeo-Christian beliefs and principles played in this nation’s shaping and ascension.  In all due respect to their positions, professions, philosophies, and clever and deliberate attempts that deny the facts of history, I am compelled by conscience and conviction to defend the truth and stand on the facts.  I believe that in order to offset and to stop the tidal wave of lies and misinformation that has been unleashed by the revisionists, we must be willing to revisit and rediscover our history.  We must be willing to go back to the future.

Heterosexual Unions
One of the Judeo-Christian beliefs and practices that was interwoven into the fabric and foundation of our nation was the unmistakable principle that marriage should only exist between a man and a woman.  This belief and practice was a fundamental part of our nation and one of the primary reasons for our ascension, as a world power, is now under attack.  As stated earlier, the assault is coming from most of the major spheres of influence.  Going back to our history and to what made us the envy of the world is vital to our sanity, survival, and preservation.  If we are to avoid the tragic decline of America and prevent us from becoming a third rate nation and former superpower, it is of utmost importance that we return to the things that made us great.  My assertion does not stem from the belief and practice of a bigot, nor one who embraces homophobia.  My assertion is based on my belief and conviction.  It is quite ironic and an act of hypocrisy and bigotry that people like me are now being villainized and labored politically incorrect by many, who make such a fuss and outcry for equality for the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community and their right to embrace their beliefs.  On the contrary, they deny people like me equal consideration.  Is this hostile and unfair treatment giving rise to a new term that can rightly be defined as heterophobia?  You be the judge.

Judeo-Christian Based Institutions
One of the things that history attests to that helped to shape America and her ascension to greatness was the early formation of Judeo-Christian institutions.  It is an undeniable fact that Christians founded the vast majority of our schools, as well as our institutions of higher learning, like Harvard, Yale, and others.  As a matter of historical record, many were established as seminaries and Bible colleges for the training of preachers before they became secularized.  So in a true sense, academia in America owes its origin and growth to Judeo-Christian beliefs and practices.

Judeo-Christian Based Families,
Churches, and Communities
We have adopted and embraced a belief that strong marriages build strong families; strong families build strong churches; and strong churches build strong communities.  Now we have already established our Judeo-Christian belief in monogamous, heterosexual marriages and not same-sex unions.  It is again undeniable that these strong heterosexual unions were able to build strong families where a mother and father reared children.  This natural order of things afforded them the necessary nurturing of both a male and a female.  This allowed a balanced gender infusing, not only into their genetic composition and DNA, but into their upbringing as well.  We are making no claims of these unions being flawless, but they were, historically speaking, essential in helping to shape the destiny and greatness of America and its religious institutions and communities.  I am not making an attempt to deny the historical presence of other religions, beliefs, and influences in the fabric and foundation of our nation.  However, the record proves beyond the shadow of any doubt that the preponderant principle and influence in the majority of the institutions of America were Judeo-Christian in nature.  Our families, churches, schools, hospitals, communities, and even our republic and form of government can trace their origin, design, and structure back to the Bible or someone who were strong adherents of biblical beliefs. Any true student and scholar of American history will acknowledge this to be the truth.  As stated, I am not trying to deny the place that other beliefs and philosophies have played in the process of our development.  America has always been a nation of immigrants, of inclusion, and of diversity.  It has been considered a land of opportunity where everyone does not have to look alike, believe alike, or have the same ethnic or cultural backgrounds.  However, this historic fact of America being the “melting pot” or “salad bowl” of all the nations does not and cannot delete the facts of what made us great.  Our ascension is derived from a proven and ancient formula.  It is a recipe that is both timely and timeless.  It worked then and it will assuredly work now to preserve, protect, and perpetuate our greatness and standard of living.  The issue is not whether what worked then will work now, but the question is do we possess the conviction and courage to go back to our future and avoid decline and ruin as a nation.  Ominous clouds have appeared over this nation; the handwriting is upon the wall. We must act now in order to avoid the future designation of being referred to as “The Late, Great America”.  There is still time.  We have yet a short window of opportunity to reverse our journey toward decline and disaster and to get back on the right track – a move that will take us back to the future…