Lady Warriors Fall 13-1 to Fairmont, 12-0 to Marlboro Academy Dragons

Dillon Christian’s #14 Sarah Fitzgibbon gets a hit to center, driving Lauren Lee home for the Warriors’ only run in Monday’s game against Fairmont. (Photos by Craig Brown.)

By Craig Brown

The Dillon Christian School Lady Warriors had a 10-day layoff from action before hosting Fairmont High School on Monday at Warrior Field taking a 13-1 loss in five innings, and Marlboro Academy on Tuesday, taking a 12-0 loss in seven innings.

Fairmont has improved in fielding and hitting and is moving towards building a very competitive team in their region. Former Lake View standout player Avon Lea Cooke is assisting with the training of the players and is helping to put this young team on the road to success.

The Warriors were a little rusty but took a 1-0 lead in the first inning holding this lead until the third. Just when they thought they had it beaten, the ugly error ball slipped onto the field and attacked what was, up to that point, a very happy Warrior team. Seven errors and four throwaways at the base put the visitors up 11-1.

The Warriors settled back down, holding Fairmont off the board in the fourth and giving up two runs in the fifth to end the game 13-1. Take away the mistakes from the Warriors and this game could have ended with a 2-1 margin.

On the mound for Fairmont, Katelon Floyd posted five strikeouts, one walked batter, two hits and one run scored for the win.

On the mound for the Warriors, Jamie Carpenter posted four strikeouts, one walked batter, and seven hits with three earned runs, with 10 runs coming from errors and bad throws in the loss.

At bat for the Warriors, Sarah Fitzgiggon was 1-for-2 with a RBI; Lauren Lee was 1-for-2, scoring the lone run for the Warriors on the hit from Fitzgibbon; and Greta Seay made it to base on a walk.

For Fairmont, Katelon Floyd was 2-for-4 with a double and two RBIs; Tiffany Hicks was 2-for-4, getting to base on an error with a RBI; Christa Thorndyke was 1-for-3, adding a base on error with a RBI; Shaina Hunt was 1-for-3; Khadijah Thompson was 1-for-4, adding a base on an error with two RBIs; and Lindsay Barfield made it to base on an error with a RBI.

Fairmont always plays well against the Warriors and is willing to play private schools and always demonstrates good sportsmanship. The Warriors hope they will be a regular season foe for years to come.

On Tuesday, the Warriors hosted the number one seed and arguably the best all around team in the Pee Dee, the Lady Dragons from Marlboro Academy with the Warriors taking a 12-0 loss in 7 innings.

The Warriors are beginning to wake up on defense and held the highly talented Dragon batters off the board in innings one and two going into the third inning knotted at 0-0. Aided by two errors and two hits the Dragons moved out front 2-0 in the third.

Warrior pitcher Jamie Carpenter, aided by some good defensive gloves in the field, kept the Dragons off the board in the fourth, allowing the Dragons to hold on to their 2-0 lead, but the Dragons advanced 3-0 after five innings.

Aided by five errors and six throwaways to the base in innings six and seven, the Dragons picked up five and four runs respectively to seal the 12-0 region win.

The region’s favorite umpire, Doug Jackson, had to stand alone in this game as his co-worker did not show up. Jackson covered home plate, calling balls and strikes, and called the action on the bases. It hurts me to say this with my stubborn anti-umpire mentality but Doug was near error free throughout the game. SCISA needs more dedicated umpires like him.

On the mound for the Warriors, Jamie Carpenter posted one strikeout and one walked batter with 10 hits, and gave up three earned runs with nine runs on errors and throwaways to the base.

For the Dragons, Bailey Jacobs posted 17 strikeouts, two walked batters, two hits, and no runs for the win.

At bat for the Warriors, Ansley Hamer was 1-for-3 with a triple, Kathryn Brown was 1-for-3, and Makalai Sweat and Greta Seay made it to base on walks. Seay and Brown added a stolen base.

At bat for the Dragons, Katie Mclaurin was 3-for-5 with two RBIs and a stolen base; Kelly Crowley was 2-for-2; Megan Quick was 2-for-5 with a double and a RBI; Elise Sanders was 1-for-2; Makayla Pruitt was 1-for-4; Jeanna Ridge got to base on three errors with three RBIs and a stolen base; and Betsy Covington got to base on two errors with a RBI.

Dillon Christian’s Ansley Hamer runs an incredible 100 feet to make the catch at the foul pole in Tuesday’s game against Marlboro Academy.

In the field, Ansley Hamer played error free, robbing the Dragons of six hits that would have gone for extra bases and fielding four hard hit grounders, preventing the runners from making it to second base. Others that had good defensive games were Emily Martin at third, Greta Seay in right, Kathryn Brown at first, Makalai Sweat at second, and Sarah Fitzgibbon at short.

Lauren Lee had an off game from her usual error free work but even a bad day for Lee is better than most player’s good days. Jamie Carpenter is credited with her best performance. This game should have ended with a two or maybe a three run loss margin.

It will be another week before the Warriors return to play due to spring break. The Warriors will be back in action on Tuesday, April 9, at Carolina Academy.

Photos by Craig Brown. Click images below to view at full size!

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