Superfoot Davis Back In Dillon

It’s been 26 long years since a young boy told then editor of The Dillon Herald, the late Mr. Paul Jones that he wanted to become a world champion fighter after being interviewed for his first karate tournament win.
The Dillon Herald would follow his every move and announce his wins and losses to the masses. Because of The Dillon Herald and their somewhat crusade with the ‘young man,’ other local newspapers, TV and radio stations joined this experiment of will-power and determination.  
There were many naysayers and doubters to go around but there were also those in the community that would always lend an encouraging word while seeing him on a morning run, punching and kicking his way to top condition. After a few fights on the nationally televised ESPN, winning several state and national championships and fighting his way to the number two world contender position for the title, the name Johnny “Superfoot” Davis would become a household name throughout Dillon County and in the martial arts community worldwide!
At the age of 22, ten years after making his prediction of becoming a world champion, through hard work, discipline and patience, the call came for Davis.  It was the opportunity to fight for the Welterweight World Kickboxing Championship. His dreams were at grasps and within sight. Approximately a month or so after the original call for the big fight, The Dillon Herald would soon be making a new announcement on a first-hand account as they sent a reporter to Denver Colorado Ice Arena to cover the fight.  
It was Feb. 2nd, 1985, this announcement was one the entire City awaited and anticipated for ten years… and the NEW Professional Kickboxing Welterweight Champion of the World Johnny “Superfoot” Davis!
It was clear, Superfoot Davis had made the City of Dillon very proud and perhaps put them on the map for something many would have never fathomed…the sport of Kickboxing. A prediction made into reality and a City’s commitment to the then 12 year old boy proved worthy.
The City of Dillon would continue to embrace him by presenting one of their top awards, the ‘Key to the City’.  He would also receive the Presidential Award given by the Chamber of Commerce; speak to many schools and civic groups and so on.  
Davis would continue his career for another three years which included losing his first world title but winning yet another world championship and a United States title before he officially retired in 1988.
For the past 23 years, Davis has been living in CA. He continues to stay in good shape while teaching the sport he loves. Since 1995 and in particular the past four years, Davis has been one of the top promoters in the United States under his AK Promotions company.  He remains determined to give other young athletes the same opportunity he had…to pursue dreams of becoming a world champion.
Today, at the age of 50, Superfoot Davis returns to his roots in Dillon and his ailing mother who encouraged him to pursue his dreams as a child but is now in need of his attention.  This call from family both immediate and extended is beyond life’s other wants and desires and is paramount in his return to his hometown.  
Davis stated, “Overall, it’s nice to be back home and especially closer to my family. I’m actually a little surprised at so many people who still remember me and my fighting days as well as those who tell me of the inspiration my efforts were for them. I guess it’s true, there is really no place like home. I look forward to bringing new energy to the area with my kickboxing programs as well as continuing my entertainment promotions both locally and abroad.”
Welcome Home Superfoot!
Note:  Superfoot Davis will be teaching exciting Kickboxing classes to kids 9 to 15 years old and adults 16 and up at the Dillon Wellness Center starting Jan. 2nd.  Kickboxing classes focus on clean, healthy living, self-respect and discipline while learning valuable self-defense and getting in great shape.
There will also be a sensational Cardio Kickboxing Class for adults.  This class is a great fat burner and done to jamming music while kicking and punching your way to the best shape of your life and just in time for those New Year’s Resolutions!  
The Kickbox-A-Robics© class is for those 16 and up and is safe and fun for all fitness levels. Classes will fill up fast…Register now by calling (916)205-4762 or email [email protected]  For More information on class schedule etc., contact the Dillon Wellness Center at (843)774-5115
See more on Davis at Site will be updated soon with local Kickboxing schedule etc.)

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