Sickened By Abuse Of Goats

To The Editor:
I just read an article in The Dillon Herald that really upset me and sickened me about the abuse to the goats. I know what some of you think that they are just goats who cares, well I do and so do a lot of other people.
I’m sure they do and I hope they too will speak up against such an awful and senseless and heartless act.
These animals were not bothering anyone or anything, and these kids decided to torture and mistreat them when these animals could not protect or defend themselves. Think about that. They were left defenseless with no one to help them.
This is awful and the need to be punished to the maximum, and they need to have to be held responsible for what they did, so the next time they see a helpless, defenseless animal they will think twice before harming and torturing it.
I have always heard doctors and therapists say that this kind of behavior only (or could possibly) lead to crimes against each other, anyone in the human race. Now there’s something to think about.

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