Local Pastor, Doctor Going On Mission Trip

By Betsy Finklea

A local pastor and a local doctor are headed on a mission trip to South Africa.
Bishop Michael Goings, the founding and Senior Pastor of Outreach Family Fellowship in Dillon and Florence and the founder and Presiding Prelate of Fellowship of Interdependent Church Global, and Dr. Dante Lewis, McLeod Pediatrics Dillon, will be making a dual mission trip which will include teaching leaders in seminars and symposiums and health care.
While Bishop Goings has been on several trips, this will be Dr. Lewis’ first trip. He is looking forward to learning about the pressing issues affecting African children. “We’ll learn from them, and they’ll learn from us,” said Dr. Lewis. Dr. Lewis hopes to bring back knowledge that will help him treat the new influx of Burundi people, who have settled in Dillon. He is also excited to be able to impart knowledge.
The base of their operations will be Capetown, and they will visit nearby townships. The trip will be about seven days including travel time. The trip will not be all business as they plan to get some cultural exposure while there.

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