Womanless Beauty Pageant Held

April 20, 2012

By Betsy Finklea

It has been said that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”

Such was the case at a beauty pageant that was held at Latta United Methodist Church on Friday night with some very special “womanless” contestants. Thirteen contestants competed for the title of Ms. Latta United Methodist Church.

Contestants includes Leesa (Lee) Phillips, Henrietta “Chicken Bog” (Henry) Brunson, Heather (Heath) Fore, Jeraldine (Jeremiah) Hayes, Karen (Kevin) Roberts, Jenny (Jimmy) Ard, Abby (Abbott) Shelley, Beverly (Blake) Allen, Hillary (Houston) Manning, Samantha (Smith) Gaddy, Deanie (Dean) Richardson, Tessa (Tim) George, and Chrissy (Chris) Martin.

After the initial competition, judges A. LaFon LeGette, Jr., O.C. “Corky” Lane, Jr., Garrett Byrd and Ronnie Carter selected the top seven contestants which included Leesa Phillips, Jeraldine Hayes, Jenny Ard, Beverly Allen, Hillary Manning, Deanie Richardson, and Chrissy Martin.

Reigning queen Roberta (Robbie) McDaniel took a final walk before giving up the title of Ms. Latta United Methodist Church. After answering questions about world peace, the perfect man, the perfect date, the perfect spa day, etc. asked by Master of Ceremonies A. Glenn Greene, III, the top three were named.

Second runner-up was Leesa Phillips, first runner-up was Jenny Ard, and winner Beverly Allen.
The crowd enjoyed the hilarity of the pageant, which benefits the church’s “other” class.

Enjoy the video. slide show, and the photo gallery (click on picture for full size).

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