County Council Authorizes Payment Of Court Expert’s Bill

By Betsy Finklea
The Dillon County Council authorized the payment of court expert Roland Windham’s bill at their meeting on Wednesday as ordered by the Circuit Court and pursuant to the court order.
All councilmen voted in favor of authorizing payment, except Councilman Bobby Moody, who did not vote. Councilman Andrew Graves made the motion to authorize payment, which was seconded by Councilman Macio Williamson.
The bill totals $39,018. The breakdown is as follows:
Fees: $33,187
Lodging: $2,889.41
Mileage: $2,106.30
Per Diem: $765
Printing: $69.79
The court expert, Roland Windham, who was brought in by Judge Paul Burch to look into Dillon County, presented his report on May 24th at a court hearing.
This report in its entirety can be viewed on The Dillon Herald’s website, under the “Government” section.

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