Latta Police Department Participating In Safety Council’s Safetypup Program

The Latta Police Department is participating in the National Child Safety Council’s Safetypup® Program again this year. The program promotes the importance of staying safe and drug free, and will reach children ages five through twelve throughout the Latta area.
The National Child Safety Council (NCSC) is a not-for-profit 501(C)(3) federal tax-exempt organization. NCSC is solely dedicated to the safety and well being of our young children. NCSC began the well known missing children milk carton program in 1985. Their “Safetypup®” mascot has appeared on milk cartons with one line safety and drug prevention.
Most importantly, the NCSC will provide the Latta Police Department with diversified safety and drug education materials in teaching young people how to stay safe and drug free, and includes the importance of internet safety. The program also includes materials to heighten parent and guardian involvement and reinforce the messages at home with the children along with senior citizen safety. “Safetypup® is the mascot for the council, and appears on every piece of material the children receive. Safetypup® is a super hero and role model for the children,” Chief Powers stated.
The Police Department is currently mailing letters of request to the area business, industrial, professional, military, and fraternal organizations seeking their financial support of the most worthwhile program. In appreciation for their help, the sponsor’s names are placed on the work study manuals the children receive.
“Other programs are available to our office, however, the council has up-to-date and diversified materials targeting specific areas that can affect the lives of our young children,” Chief explained.
Anyone who would like to be included as a sponsor and help support this worthwhile program please feel free to send your worthwhile donation. Please makes your checks payable to the National Child Safety Council, and mail it to the Latta Police Department, 109 NW Railroad Ave., Latta, SC 29565, Attn: Chief Bobby Powers.

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