Review: The Three Baritones: A Professional And Entertaining Singing Group

A Review by Marcia Chandler
The Dillon County Theatre’s presentation of “The Three Baritones” on Saturday night, February 12, was easily one of the most professional and entertaining singing groups to ever appear on our stage.
The theatre was filled for the performance, and it is a joy to review a production which the reviewer personally enjoyed so very much!
This reviewer cannot heap enough praise on this superb singing group and their accompanist.
All four of these performers came with impressive credentials, and, in my opinion, their performance could not have been better!
With just the right mix of excellent singing, and just the right amount of comedy in the show, the performers kept the audience enjoying every minute of their moves. (Although the singing is great, one must admit that it does help to give the audience some “extra” entertainment in a visual form, and the audience enthusiastically responded to their offering!)
Their selections were varied and excellent. From the “Panis Angelicus” the selection from the operetta “Don Giovanni”, the group gave the audience a delightful selection.
To my knowledge, the “patter songs” from Gilbert and Sulllivan’s PIRATES OF PENZANCE were the first time that any G & S music has been heard on the Dillon County stage. As a devoted life-long Savoyard, it was a real treat to hear this music in Dillon!
The selections from several famous musicals were so well done..
Perhaps it was a coincidence, (and maybe these musicals are so many peoples’ favorites! ) but their choices happened to be mine, too!
The poignant “Bring Him Home” from Les Miserables, the selections from “Fiddler On The Roof”, “South Pacific” and “Man of La Mancha” were beautifully done.
A nice mixture included the “Railroad Medley,” “Swinging With the Saints,” and “Deep River.”
An additional treat was when “our” tenor, Shaw Thompson, joined the three baritones in an Italian medley. A dollop of brevity added to this finale piece.
The audience obviously enjoyed each and every selection, and rose to their feet at the conclusion of the show to give these performers a rousing standing ovation.