1967 FORD FAIRLANE 500/500XL 427

By James W. Bryant

In 1967 the Ford Fairlane 500 introduced at 427 in a few of their cars. In so doing, this engine made this car much more than the average, “middle-of-the-road” mid-size machine. It was a screaming, get up and get with it, high performance street race car and or week-end dragster!

The stock ’67 looked a lot like the 1966 version of the car with a few minor changes such as making the grille a single aluminum stamping instead of the two grilles in the previous model. The tail lights were divided horizontally by the back-up light, instead of vertically , as in 1966. But the real addition came with the option to get this 427-Fire Breathing Dragon V-8! With the right set-up ordered with this car, you were guaranteed at least 410 horses at 5600 rpm. Now that wasn’t your granddaddy’s average going to church car.

I’ve since been back to that same neighbor’s door to inquire of his car and have left several business cards. But I have yet to get a call from him. Perhaps he too knows what he has. And if he does, I imagine I won’t ever be hearing from him.

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© 2011 by James W. Bryant

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