Rose Garden Club Meets For Lunch

By J. McLaurin
The Rose Garden met Monday, December 6, 2010 for lunch.  The decorations in the old ancestral home were spectacular.  Christmas is a time of joy and happiness and celebrating the birth of God’s only Son!  Christmas is always!
The Rose Garden Club received 2 certificates of appreciation of Tree City USA and Arbor Day Celebrations- signed by Todd Davis, Mayor of the City of Dillon.
The program, “Joseph’s Story” by Pamela Kennegy was read by Hazel Blasser.
Mayor Todd Davis is to be commended for sharing Christmas with the hardworking citizens of Dillon. Smiles were everywhere.  Beautiful posters were distributed for classrooms.
The Arbor Day Celebration was held on December 3, 2010.  The welcome was done by Mayor Todd Davis, followed by the Invocation by Rev. Mike Rouse. 
1. Appreciation of Lois Edwards
2. Pee Dee Urban Forester, Retired: Burt Rogers
3. Presentation of Tree City USA: Lois Edwards
4. Certificates of Appreciation: Mayor Todd Davis
– Each Street and Beautification Crew Member
– The Tree Committee- Betty Sue Gibbons
– The Dillon Garden Club- Jon Bozard
– The Glove and Trowel Garden Club- Ivy Pope
– The Rose Garden Club- Jonnie Snyder
– The Yellow Jessamine Garden Club- Mary Ricks
5. Carolina Beech Trees: Earl Dutton
6. Closing: Arbor Day Song- Rev. Mike and Beth Rouse
Past Arbor Day Research was done by Julia W. McLaurin, Francis Tyler, Fay Sloan, Alpha Hartley, and Ms. Maggie Glen W. David.  Photographer was Mitchell Gough, flashing a reel of photos fluently.

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