DAR Hears About Betsy Ross

A beautiful fall day was ideal for the November 9, 2010 meeting of the Rebecca Pickens Daughters of the American Revolution at the Dillon Library.
Members  participating in the meeting were presiding officer, Regent Julia Adams McLaurin, Rimmy Rogers, Sally McSwain, Polly McTntyre, Fay Sloan, Janie McNiel nd Chris Harris.  An annual project of the organization is sponsoring the Good Citizenship competition involving the high schools in Dillon, Lake View, Latta and Dillon Christian. This project has evoked much interest and Dillon High recently had an entry who won locally and advanced to state competition, also winning at that level.
The names of three ladies were presented for membership which is always a plus for an organization. 
They will become members  after completing the required research.
Chris presented an interesting program on “How Betsy Ross Became Famous.” We have remembered her through the years as having made the first American Flag. However, it seems today that fact is questionable.
Following an interesting and very enjoyable meeting  hosted by Fay Sloan, Rosemary Bethea and Betty Daly, the group was adjourned by Regent McLaurin until January 11, 2011 when it will meet at her home.

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