Trees, Arbor Day Are Topics Of Glove And Trowel Garden Club Meeting

Jeanne McLaurin was hostess for the October 13, 2010 meeting of the Glove and Trowel Garden Club at 3:45 p.m. 
Ivy Pope, President, called the meeting to order and announced October birthdays for Julie Hatcher (Oct. 3) and Sarita Bethea (Oct. 23).  After the reading of our Garden Club Collect, Natalie Wallace called the roll with 12 members answering their favorite tree.  Minutes of the September meeting were read by Linda Dutton in the absence of Secretary, Rosemary Bethea, and approved. 
A thank you note was ready by President Ivy from Fay Sloan thanking the Club for honoring her with the yearbook dedication.
Carlton Carr, a member of the Dillon Tree Committee, was our guest speaker in the absence of Burt Rogers, who was to speak on “Trees/Arbor Day.” 
Carlton gave us a brief history of Arbor Day which began in Nebraska with Julius Sterling Morton who became known as the “Father of Arbor Day.” 
He believed that trees could serve as windbreaks, hold moisture in the soil, and provide lumber for this prairie state.  He began planting trees and urged others to do so as well.
Through his efforts, April 10, 1872 was set aside as Nebraska’s first Arbor Day.  On that first day, the people planted more than a million trees.  After Morton died, the Nebraska legislature changed the date of Arbor Day to his birthday, April 22, and made it a legal holiday.  Other States recognized the value of tree planting and began celebrating Arbor Day. 
In 1883, the American Forestry Congress passed a resolution promoting it. 
The National Education Association adopted a similar resolution the next year.  The most widespread observance of Arbor Day is in the public schools where trees are planted and other events held.  South Carolina observes it on the first Friday of December.  However, April 22 has been designated as National Arbor Day.
Committee reports were given by Dawn Arnette (Christmas Social and Civic Projects); Ivy Pope (Garden Therapy beginning in November at Thorne Retirement Home, Lake View, with two members helping each month); and Suzanne Lewis (Highway #9 Roadside Park- Chase Hope, Horticulture Instructor at Dillon A-Tech, will put straw in this area).  Our club voted to decorate a room in the Dillon House the first week of December for the Dillon County Centennial Celebration.  Linda Dutton will chair this committee assisted by several members. 
Other dates to remember are: The Dillon County Centennial Tea on Thursday, October 14 from 4 o’clock- 7 o’clock in the evening at the Edwards House in Latta sponsored by the Magnolia Garden Club of Latta; The Garden Club of South Carolina, Inc. Plantation Tour in Charleston on November 12 and 13; Chili Supper and Food Bazaar at the City of Dillon Fire Department on Thursday, November 18, from 4-7 p.m.; Arbor Day on December 3 at the Dillon Wellness Center sponsored by all garden clubs in Dillon.  SAR Lifetime Membership Pins and Cards are available for Ditto Jenkins and Julia A. McLaurin.
The arrangement of the month by Doris McKenzie in a beautiful Orange Carnival Glass Cereal Milk Family Pitcher representing October consisted of Golden Rod and the following flowers from her yard: Mexican sage, Pink Roses, Yellow Lantana, Black-Eyed Susans, and Hybrid Purple Morning Glories.  A Christmas Gift Basket was the door prize won by Ditto Jenkins.

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